Accountancy Compliance
Bevan & Co will prepare and submit your company's annual financial statements. If you are a sole trader, a partnership or trading as a limited liability partnership we will prepare your accounts and calculate the tax due after appropriately considering the best means to extract the profit from the business. Additionally we will make sure that you understand when the filing deadlines are so that we can work together in a timely way thus avoiding last minute panics and worse still, the dreaded late filing penalties.

We take pride in the fact that we will always aim to explain the accounts to our clients. The accounts, presented on a handful of pages by us, represent a year of your work and endeavors and we would not be doing our job properly if there were shortfalls in your understanding.

We take this annual obligation and endeavour to use it as a platform from which to deliver our clients more. It is a real opportunity to consider the preparation of the books and records; the processes, controls and systems that operate within the business and roles of your key employees. We will report to you in the level of detail that you ask us to, and in the areas that you have asked us to consider.

Our systems, checks and measures are designed to ensure that you are notified of your tax liabilities in a timely basis. More than that we will work with you to ensure the authorities receive your self assessment tax returns, and/or your company's corporation tax return when it is due. There is no sense at all in delivering tax returns late and facing penalties as a consequence.

Much alike the other areas of our work with you, we seek to de-mystify self assessment tax returns and companys' corporation tax returns. Everything gets explained in plain English.

Management Accounts
The management accounts of a company must be up to date, accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. Many businesses can be adequately controlled and guided with quarterly management accounts once margins and break even levels are understood. We will always aim to achieve the highest level of useful information delivered with the lowest cost and intrusion into your business.

If you do require us to prepare management accounts throughout the year then there is always a saving in the year end fee for the preparation of the financial statements.

Outsourced financial control
Many SME businesses need the support of a qualified accountant at certain times of the month or year and do not have the budget or necessity to have one on their payroll. They need a reliable member of their team who shows up when needed and then retreats when the work is delivered. We can design and offer a bespoke service, working within your business as your financial controller or FD, providing the skill sets only when you need them. This relationship may be an interim measure while your business grows to the next level or it could be delivered longer term. You choose.

Bookkeeping and VAT
We can assist you with your bookkeeping and in so doing remove the burden from your shoulders. But in general bookkeeping is a simple process which we will be happy to support you with. This service often works well in conjunction with our preparing your VAT Returns.

There are many factors that can distract you from the exciting parts of your new business venture. We can make sure that the important areas are attended to leaving you to hit the ground running. There are some early pitfalls that we will guide you away from.

We will remove the stresses of your payroll and deal with the red tape whilst recommending to you the best level of pay for yourself by salary.

There are increasingly more pitfalls and penalties to be avoided in the administering of a payroll and so we are more than happy to agree an annual fixed fee to run your payroll for you and submit all necessary returns on line. All payslips will be emailed to you for your review and approval and then printed and posted in confidential envelopes, and we will confirm in writing what your PAYE liabilities are.

Company Secretarial
We offer a broad range of services in this area including company formation, VAT and PAYE registrations, a registered office service and Annual Return preparation and submission. There is an array of documents that require filing with the appropriate authorities and penalties in some cases for late returns. Our service is designed to keep all submissions accurate and on time.

Accountancy Recruitment
We can assist you with resourcing part time and full time accounting staff members to all levels. We will work with you to assess the level of staffing in your business or work expediently to replace a leaving staff member. This service is provided through a sister company.



We are more than happy to quote on a fixed fee basis to be paid by manageable
standing orders.

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